Inspiration & Vision

Since my inspiration comes from the modern architecture any sharp eye can notice that my design is geometric, functional, and with no superfluous details. The work of Tadao Ando, a self-taught architect who finds beauty in simplicity, heavily determined and influenced my taste. Inspiration for materials in darker tones I find in the paintings of one of my favorite artists Vladimir Veličković.

Every single part of a bag and accessory is handmade which guarantees its uniqueness. Something my customers highly appreciate is that I take my time in designing, and I don’t stop until every single detail is perfectly transferred from my idea to my hands. It results in small series of products, with the compelling touch of luxury and elegance, while quality remains essential and uncompromised. What makes my brand stand out is a nonclassical design and traditional production, which reflects in every piece of leather goods people sharing and recognizing these values receive.

The Story Behind

In the world dominated by the industrialised mass production, I live my passion not only through designing leather bags and accessories but also taking part in the entire process of their creation.

Such process is stimulated by things, places, and people that inspire me. In a way, all of them are intertwined in every single piece that leaves my workshop.