“Odette” clutch bag


A little black clutch is a meaningful companion to a woman that’s more than just beautiful. This is a timeless accessory with which you will exhibit your inner strength and beauty.

Clutch bag in black soft calf leather.
White lamb leather lining.
Magnetic closure.
Two large pockets and one smaller in the middle, suitable for the iPhone 7 pro.
Dimensions: 29cm x 13cm / 11.4″ x 5.1″

Soft calf

Soft calf is a smooth full grain aniline leather. A special wax finish nourishes it for lifetime. It looks just like genuine leather since it has no polymer and pigments coating for protection. The softness of its touch and its unique aspect can not be forgotten.

Time will bring stains, scratches, and patina, too. But, differences in tone, shading, gradation, and the possible alterations of the material are to be regarded as a sign of quality.

Newly bought or stored, your item may have a slightly white shading due to the released wax. Unfortunately, the wax may contain some of the leather dye which can leave stains on your light garments. Before you wear your item, remove and rub in the wax by rubbing the surface gently with a dry soft cotton cloth. Keep your item clean and moisturized by a special leather cream.


Lambskin (Lamb leather) is extraordinary thin, soft and supple. It is a full grain and the most natural looking leather with no polymer or pigments coating. Its remarkable characteristics give your item a unique aspect and velvet touch.

As time go by your item will get some stains or scratches, but beautiful patina will give it irresistible look. Your item will change during years, but differences in tone, patchy shading, gradation in colour, or alterations of materials are parts of an inevitable process quality materials go through.

Do not forget, lambskin is a fragile material and it needs special care. Use a special colourless leather cream to keep you item clean and moisturized. Do not apply any kind of cream on light or colourful tints.

A brand can be considered a promise. A promise that offers you impeccable quality and authentic design.

  •             All the items are made of genuine leather
  •             These magnetic closures loose 1% of their power within one hundred years.

Our motto “handmade is everything” can be applied to our packaging, too. Your item will be delivered in a handmade packaging marked with a

I do not believe in compromise when quality materials are in question. In case you need any kind of repair, advice or care recommendations please be free and contact us by email info@markopopov.com.

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