Slim Leather Belt 2.5cm wide


A handcrafted leather belt doesn’t just serve a practical purpose – it’s the final touch to your personal style. That’s why these belts combine only the best materials, hand-painted edges and refined stitching.


A slim leather belt in black natural cowhide with stainless steel square saddle girth buckle, hand painted edges and saddle stitched seams, 2.5cm wide.

Vegetable tanned leather

As its name says, this is a full grain aniline leather tanned with vegetable extracts. It is the most natural looking leather, a bit thicker and a little harder. It has no surface coating of polymer and pigments, but it gives you a unique aspect and a really soft touch.

Like wine, the older the better, as your item gets older it will gain stains, scratches and patina, but do not worry, it is the normal ageing process. Differences in tone, shading, gradation, and the possible alterations of the material are to be regarded as a sign of quality.

Please, keep your vegetable tanned leather item away from water. It is a dry type of leather that will absorb water and change its original colour and become harder. If it happens to get your item wet, quickly spread the liquid evenly onto the whole item. As a precaution, treat your vegetable tanned calf leather with a special waterproof spray and avoid any problems with humidity.

No care products are recommended for this type of leather during the first several years. To clean your item, apply glycerine soap or water with a soft cotton cloth. But make sure not to soak the leather as it is not stable in water. If you want to remove any kind of stains, be sure to apply carefully chosen care product onto the whole surface of your item. If you treat just the stain itself, it might become larger.

A brand can be considered a promise. A promise that offers you impeccable quality and authentic designAll the items are made of genuine leather. Stainless steel buckle.

Our motto “handmade is everything” can be applied to our packaging, too. Your item will be delivered in a handmade packaging marked with a 

I do not believe in compromise when quality materials are in question. In case you need any kind of repair, advice or care recommendations please be free and contact us by email

Items are made to order and will be dispatched within max 7 working days from the point of credit clearance and address verification. Additional shipping information is available during the checkout process.

Measuring tips

Belts are measured from the start of the buckle to the middle hole of the belt. Measure around your hips, where your pants would fall. Please remember when buying a belt-belt size is not the same as your trousers/waist size. Your belt goes not only around your waist but also around your clothes, so it is recommended to buy a belt 5cm larger than your waist size.

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