• My Own Boots

    Making my own boots is one of my hobbies and probably the most awesome thing about having a workshop and working with leather.

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  • Meaning of Life

    I believe that everyone, in order to find meaning in life, should have time for work, time to play, and time for being in contact with your inner self. I combine work and play in my workshop, while horse riding is what keeps my soul in one piece!

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  • My First Horse

    15 years ago I got my first horse named Seled. He was my friend since childhood, and last month he passed away. He’s resting near the stable where he lived, under black locust trees. I miss him every day, but I am also thankful for the magnificent time we spend together! Rest in peace, my dear friend!

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  • Zack

    This is Zack, my Malinois. He’s a natural born leader. When he’s in charge, every other animal in the backyard knows its place. Being badass is in his blood: his brother went through Champion K-9 Dog Training and now has an impressive career in Super Bowl security, while his sister works for NYPD.

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  • Horse Riding

    I find a quote which perfectly describes horses, one of my greatest inspirations: “A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.” – Pam Brown

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