Best Travel Accessories for Europe in Winter

Crispy air, picturesque landscapes out the train window, urban markets with mulled wine, and the list goes on…
No matter which European country you go to, this is the continent that brings out winter charm best.
The temperatures vary among regions, of course, but it’s generally pretty darn cold in the majority of places. Packing for winter travel gets tight and doesn’t allow much freedom with outfits, considering you need some bulky sweaters that take up double the space in your suitcase. But when it comes to accessorizing, that’s where you can get creative and show off your style! Here are my picks of the best travel accessories for Europe.


Remember, you’ll be walking around a lot, whichever city you go to. Comfortable, durable and warm boots are going to be your best friend. They’re the best option for winter travel because if you choose the right ones, you don’t have to carry any other footwear. Find something that complements your style and is highly functional at the same time. You can pack an extra pair of shoes for a special occasion, but good boots should be your footwear of choice for the journey on the plane or train as well.

I make my own leather boots at the workshop, and it’s really a privilege. The process takes time and effort, but I enjoy it a lot. That way I’m sure I have comfortable shoes to walk miles in. I hope to extend my range of products and feature boots someday as well, but for now, it’s a little piece of dedication I treat only myself to.


Quality lightweight luggage is crucial for any journey. But when you’re staying in a building with no elevators, which can be very likely in old European centres, lightweight luggage matters even more. You can even just go with a fashionable carry-on piece if you’re good at packing only the essentials. Anyway, you might be going back home with an extra bag after visiting all the shops. The Travel+Leisure website has some good luggage recommendations if you’re looking for a little inspiration with this.

Passport holders

Along with proper luggage, stay organized using smaller pieces. I would single out leather passport holders as some of the best travel accessories for Europe. The reason for this is that they’re highly practical (if made well) and they’re that type of tiny detail that makes going through Customs more enjoyable.

The Albert passport holder is an elegant and functional accessory that you can put to good use on this trip. I designed it with my personal experiences from travelling across Europe in mind. It has four slots: one for the passport, two for credit cards, one for cash, and the last one for the ticket. The idea was not just to create something stylish and durable that will protect your valuable document, but also to avoid fumbling through wallets and pockets while travelling. Everything is safely stored in one elegant leather piece, and that was the intention – simple, clean and practical.

I’ve made two other types of passport holders as well, but they aren’t divided into slots. Those would be the minimalist passport holder and the alligator embossed one. They’re made for those who’d rather keep their wallets on hand while travelling. They’re both simple and elegant ways to encase your passport and tuck the ticket inside. The minimalist passport holder has a green goat leather lining that adds a trendy touch.

Accessories for warmth

European cities have a unique culture of gathering in urban spaces, even in the cold (thanks to mulled wine). So you’ll need to dress in warm layers, but hopefully without looking like a child who was bundled up against their will. Wrap yourself in something warm and fuzzy that complements your coat well, like a cashmere or woolen scarf and hat. And if you’re the type of person that never wears gloves…you might want to start wearing them on this trip. As I mentioned, you can expect a lot of socializing outdoors. Get fashionable leather gloves for this occasion or touch-screen gloves so you can snap pictures with your phone freely.

Check off all the items on your list, do some pre-travel shopping, and you’re ready to go. One of the great things about Europe is that you can visit different countries via train in a very short time, so have your luggage on hand. No fuss, just planes and trains and ever-changing landscapes.