Encrypt your style with unique leather handmade accessories.

Marko Popov is a leather products designer whose dashing pieces impress and inspire.
The process of designing and creating these pieces is what makes them unique – from choosing the colors and materials
the way the work is executed.
Nothing is left to chance, and each piece has its own story. Get yourself acquainted with the Marko Popov brand
the story behind it.
Every single inch of these leather accessories is carefully made for you to wear proudly.
Every single handmade stitch creates an original and durable item you will fall in love with.
Every single thread is a captivating statement of style.

Designer of leather bags and accessories

As my passion became my work, and vice versa, I dedicate every single day to honing my craft to perfection.
Through designing and creating leather bags and accessories, I found a way to express myself – and my life’s philosophy.
That’s why I strongly believe that no product worthy of wearing can be just a piece of leather stitched skillfully.
For me, each piece is a reflection of the designer, the creative process, the inspiration from within.
That way, the handmade product is able to communicate the principles by which its creation was driven.

The leather goods store

As my ideas evolved  into tangible reality through hard work, I developed small series of products over the years.
The store features a couple of collections: Escher, Albert, Geometric, Odette, Osaka, Olena, as well as some individual pieces.
Their names are derived from various fragments of memory and inspiration, so allow your personal intuition
to guide you when exploring them.
The featured pieces all reflect the main paradigm of my design – elegance and the beauty of simplicity.
The colors and materials used in each product are a result of deep contemplation and love for this fine craft.
Find out more about them in the colors and materials section.

My work is strongly defined by one main paradox: the design is contemporary, but the production process
is completely traditional.
I single-handedly follow through the entire process of making handmade leather bags and accessories.
This is something that I take pride in – a process that’s a reward in itself for me.
The manual work is a very contemplative experience.
It’s something that brings me even closer to each idea and the end result is always a product I’m proud to present.
Otherwise, I go back and work relentlessly on perfecting each detail – no matter how long it takes.
It’s a strict personal statement against the principles of mass production.